Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Cardmaking Fun with My Son

Haha, see what I did up there ;)
Poetry has never been my strong point so I do what I can.

Last night son #2 was away at his besties (do boys even do the besties thing?) home for a sleep over for said friends 10th birthday.

For the besties birthday he received a puppy, obviously not from us.
So my son wanted to make his mate a personalised birthday card.
YAY I have handed my obsessive card making gene onto one of my children at least.
So of course I obliged to help and stamped off Lili of the Valley's Man's Best Friend rubber stamp
for him to colour while I set about doing the base and finding the correct wooden letters.

And that my friends is the finished product, however not the end of the story.

Son #2 decided to put said card somewhere safe so he could "keep it all nice" until the day of the sleepover.  Note to self - NEVER let children put things in a safe place.
It is worse than when I safely store things.
The card has not been seen since the putting away and after tears and sadness we have made another which I didn't have time to snap or have wooden letters for.
I am hoping that the remake was still happily received and the hardwork my son put in recognised by his papercraft un-initiated friend.
We all know how it feels to spend hours on a card and get a "oh yep, thanks" then it is chucked in the wrapping pile.
I will find out after school how it all went and I am crossing fingers that it was superbly. 

Thanks for dropping by and may your card making endeavours go better than Son  #2's

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Wendy Nicola Jackson said...

Oh no!! I hope it turns up soon Lou!! Heartbreaking for it to be lost in the 'nether' when it's so freaking fabulous!! LOVE your joint venture in craft, a stellar job for sure. So I hope it does turn up very soon. I bet #2 was just as gorgeous too. Hugs, Wends xoxo