Friday, 20 June 2014

My Spectrum Noir Thoughts,Observations and Copic Comparison

Last month I joined the Spectrum Noir club at Better Scrapbooking.  I decided that it was a good way to try out the Spectrum Noir Markers with minimum input from me besides paying ;)  My kit arrived promptly and I decided to carry on with the club. Each month you receive a 6 pack of the pre-packaged markers, supplies for 2 cards,  3 each of 2 stamped images and instructions.  Megan puts together a really great kit that is perfect for beginners to experts.  The instructions are really clear and concise.  The shipping time is excellent too, VERY quick.

This is this months kit which has the yellow pack of markers.....

When I opened my markers last month I was surprised by the hexagonal shape and wondered if this would make my blending technique different than what I am used to with copics.  I had also heard that spectrum noir were not as good at blending together as copics.  I was prepared to be disappointed if I am completely honest being a bit of a copic snob.   SURPRISE - I think these markers are freaking awesome!!!!!  I am not sure if it is how I blend when I am colouring but I actually find these just as good as copics and it really doesn't bother me that there are less colours available. You can find a full colour chart HERE . Also a point against the SN markers is that unless you get yourself really well schooled up on the colours and colour families it can be a bit confusing, I am unsure if this is just because of the fact I am really familiar with the copic colours after 6 years or the colour family names are actually damn confusing.  Another downside it that the colours on some of SN caps actually don't match the marker colour, so be sure to print out the chart from the link I provided. The price is also a huge factor the sets of 6 retail at around $27.00 here in NZ which works out at $4.50 per marker, the copic ciao retail at around $8.90nz per marker so there is a definite bonus to be had wallet wise. Also it is incredibly costly to buy the refills for copics here so have to take that into account as well.  I am not completely sold on the bullet nib however and do prefer a brush nib as the copics have but you can buy the brush nibs as an accessory and change them with the chisel end.
The barrel shape was not an issue and they don't roll away :)

So here is my image all coloured up....

I can see in the close up that my blending under the basket and on his ears aren't the best but that is ok as that is my fault not the markers. 

And the finished card.....

I cheated a bit and used papers and embellies from stash along with the kit contents but what can I say.... I am a rebel ;)

So there it is, my thoughts about Spectrum Noir Markers, I think I am definitely a fan girl now.

Happy Scrapping 


Karen Howard said...

Wow, this is gorgeous and I love the bright colors! Very cheerful card! I found you on SCS and am glad I stopped by! Hugs, Karen

Dawn Turley said...

thanks for a great comparison Lou. I might have to suss it out when I go to SENZ. I see that Megan is going to be there.

deborah taylor said...

Its good to find someone who appreciates the differences between the spectrums and the copics. Spectrum noir are a different pen and so work differently I bought the spectrums due to the price difference $13.95 for six I,m happy with the bullet nib but yes they can be change for brush nibs if need be I am going to start buying the 24 packs next. the limited colour range doesn't make a great deal of difference as they blend so well together. Also Spectrum Noir states that there is no double up in the 24 packs and the 6 packs