Friday, 26 August 2011

New Toy!!!!! My Prisma Pencils Arrived

Yay, exciting day!!! I have been waiting a couple of weeks for these to arrive from the US.  I had to break them out and have a play straight away.  I stamped Tilda on plain old copier paper as it was what was on my desk.  I am happy with the blue on the dress but need to do some practice on skin colours.  If anyone has some tips on what pencils work best for skin tones I would really appreciate any help you can provide. I have to admit though I am totally happy with the results of my first play with prisma pencils and I am impressed with how easy it is to get great results with little effort.


EELS said...

Hiya, I love my Prismacolour pencils, haven't had mine for long but I think I love them better than my copics now.
The colours I use for skin esp the face are Light Peach, Peach for darker bits and lastly Blush Pink for rosy cheeks.
Good luck with your Prismas.

Anonymous said...

lookin good - i love how easy they are to use too!