Sunday, 16 October 2011

My Top (Eclectic) 10 Songs of ALL time!!!!!

In no particular order............

Me and Julio Down by the School Yard - Me First & the Gimme Gimmes

What I got - Sublime

Feel the Pain - Diniosaur Jnr

Into My Arms - Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds

Purple Rain - Prince

Don't Give Up - Peter Gabriel & Kate Bush

If Love is a red Dress - Jackie Tohn

Love Hurts - Nazareth

Salvation - Rancid

Untiltled 21 - Swinging Utters

And what made me come up with this post you might ask..... well I was doing a challenge that involves songs and I just thought it would be nice to share :) 


Julie said...

There's a few I recognise Lou,and several I've never heard of,might be cursing you later though as the only words I know from the first song are kinda stuck on rewind at the mo! Gonna have to google the rest me thinks! Enjoy the rugby,be thinking of you Southern girls as I'm watching it across the other side of the world. Xxx

karenw said...

Not enough 8o's songs!!!

congrats on winning the semi last night, your All Blacks definitely deserved to win - and I will be supporting you against the French - I cannot believe they made it!! The Welch were well and truly ripped off.

xx hugs for your little man as well, hope you are sleeping a bit....