Monday, 13 February 2012

Just So You Know..........

I am sad today because my lovely husband is going away for a week, he leaves tomorrow :(

I am not as sad about Whitney as I was about River Phoenix (I think I cried for a day, I was 15 though).

I wish I had cool hair like Krista Smith!

My kids inspire me, except when they fight with each other.

My sewing is getting better, I will share some stuff I have been making later in the week.

I really would have loved to have had a nice hot Summer, it has been the biggest letdown of all time.

Buttons rock!

I don't know what I would do if there was an international coffee shortage, possibly hibernate until it was over.

I am really glad Connor goes to a Christian school.

1 comment:

karenw said...

Can't wait to see your sewing, i have been avoiding my machine lately (except to run the odd Lo through it..)

I'm glad you like the school Connor goes to - although makes me worried about the pressie that should be there any day - unless it has arrived and you no longer acknowledge me as a friend...